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A.210.a1 - Aseprite

If you have read some of the notes in my Zettelkasten here, you will certainly have noticed that I am interested in pixel art [277389]. This has to do with the fact that I was born in the time when computer games looked like this [584053]. I'm also programming some small games myself, but I haven't published anything serious yet. Anyway, so far I have created my graphics with Gimp [961141], which is a very complex open source image editing program. I'm really happy with Gimp and use it for a lot of tasks, but unfortunately it's not so good for pixel-art.

So today I bought Aseprite [596962] on Steam to try it out. Aseprite is a graphics programme designed for pixel-art and my first impression so far has been quite good. I like the user interface and the design. Even though Aseprite is not an open source programme, I wanted to test this software. I think it's good when individual developers get the chance to earn a little money with their project and maybe I'll use the programme for a while. No, I don't get any money for writing about Aseprite. I also strictly follow my motto, first try out everything and if I don't like the software, there's nothing you can do. You have to have tried something before you complain. I'll also post some tips here that I've learned from using the software.

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A.210.a2 - Install a new Theme

The first thing I do when I use a new software is to look for a new theme on the internet [691377]. With open source software this is no problem, because the communinity does it all by itself if someone is interested in themes. Surprisingly, there are also many different themes for Asperite. I have downloaded a dark theme and will describe here how easy it is to install.

By chance I found out yesterday that Aseprite needs the default theme file to start the programme. So you have to leave it in the folder and select the other theme in the system and confirm.

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