A.84 - Terminal Ninja Article End

A.84.a1 - Terminal Ninja

When you work with Linux, you spend most of your time in the terminal. Of course, you can also operate everything with the mouse via a graphical user interface, but that is usually considerably slower. Whether you use commands for the file system, work with the Vim editor or programme shell scripts for recurring tasks. Most tasks have already been solved by other people. Sometimes I need some commands only once or twice in my life and then never again. Nevertheless, I write them down here because I don't know if I will need them again in the future. I also post my own scripts here that I make available to the public, because especially when processing images, you can save hours with a one-liner script. 17,230,420 pictures all have to be cropped to the same size? You start the script in the terminal and then go and get a cup of tea. In the meantime, the computer calculates the task. The task of a good computer scientist is to find solutions for strenuous tasks so that he or she can work on the exciting problems.

A.84.a2 - Misc

echo '<ul>'; for f in {1..2}; do echo '<li></li>'; done; echo '</ul>' Create regular HTML Lists.
gcc main.c -o main Compile C Program [hdepI].
sed -i -e 's/word1/word2/g' file.txt Change all $word1 in a file to $word2 [eNpQS].
grep -rnw word Search word in files [72bbs].
la -A Show hidden .dot files like .profile or .bash.rc in terminal [354861].
ps -e kill (process number) Show your processes and kill a specific process [781087].
sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g' file.html Strip HTML tags. [268152]
cp file.txt documents/ Copy the .txt file to the documents folder. [741678]
cp file.txt file.bac.txt Duplicate a file. [^]
cp -a myFolder myMedia/ Copy the folder to another directory. [^]
mv file.txt documents/ Move the .txt file. [^]
mv file.txt Rename a file. [^]
mv myFolder/ mySpecialFolder Rename a folder. [^]
touch 'new file' Create a new file. [^]
du -sh myFolder/ Show file/directory size. [^]
stat file.txt Show file/directiry info. [^]
xdg-open file.txt Open a file with the default program. [^]
zip -r myFolder Zip a archive. [^]
unzip myArchive. zip Unzip a archive. [^]
zipinfo Peak in a zip archive. [^]
rm file.txt Remove a file. [^]
rm -r myFolder Reove a folder complete. [^]
ly myFolder List directiory contents. [^]
find myFolder -mtime +5 Find all files modified more than five days ago. [^]
cal Display a text calendar. [^]
call 23 2020 Display selected month and year wtih a text calendar. [^]
date Show the date. [^]
df -h Show disk size. [^]
top Check computer performance. [^]
echo "set enable-bracketed-paste off" >> ~/.inputrc Disable bash highlight on ctrl+r search or paste. [531444]

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A.74.2 A.84.2

A.84.a3 - Images

for f in *.JPG; do mv -- "$f" "${f%.JPG}.jpg"; done Change Extension from multiple Files.
for f in *.jpg; do convert $f -resize 550x310 "$f"; done Convert all Pictures to 550x310.
for f in *.jpg; do convert $f -colorspace Gray "$f"; done Convert all Pictures to Gray.
for f in *.jpg; do exiftool -all= "$f"; rm *.jpg_original; done Remove EXIF data on multiple Photos and delete all original Files.
ls -v | cat -n | while read n f; do mv -n "$f" "p115_0$n.jpg"; done Numbering and renaming of File names. p78 is an Example.
for f in *.jpg; do convert $f label:$f' 2021 Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)' -append "$f"; done Set a license label (bottom) for all .jpg pictures in the folder [ss83bx][nwsngd].
for f in {1..54}; do echo '<img src="img/p23_0'$f'.jpg">'; done Create (X) times a numbered HTML part. p23 is an Example.
display file.png Diyplay image file from terminal. [768377]

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A.84.a4 - Cargo Commands

cargo init Create a new Cargo package in an existing directory [ddxps5].
cargo build Compile the current package [zo9q7e].
cargo run Run the current package [uwnzht].
cargo update Update dependencies as recorded in the local lock file [mranxc].
cargo clean Remove generated artifacts [z6lsud].
cargo verify-project Check correctness of crate manifest [zqzdsa].
cargo install Build and install a Rust binary [oor5mw].

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A.84.a5 - Arch Linux

sudo pacman -R software Removing a Package from your System.
sudo pacman -Rcns softwarename Removing a Package with all Dependencies from your System.
sudo pacman -S softwarename Install a Package on your System.
sudo pacman -Syu Synchronising package Databases.
sudo pacman -Syy Synchronising package Databases.
sudo pacman -Scc Remove all Files from Cache and remove all unused Repositores.
sudo pacman -Suu Starting a full System Ugrade [tzo1mz].
sudo pacman -Rns Remove a Software completely [X3ofb].
sudo pacman -S foosoft Install a Software Package[445256].

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A.84.a6 - Burn a OS ISO to a USB

sudo fdisk -l See what device name your OS given to the USB-Stick.
sudo mkfs.vfat -I /dev/sdb Format the USB-Stick in FAT32.
sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/distro.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress oflag=sync Burn the ISO to your USB-Stick.

A.84.a7 - Game Developer

convert test.tga -crop 256x256 +repage result.tga Create the Half Life 1 Splash Screen.
cabextract .cab File extraction [79LQV].

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A.84.a8 - Music and Video

ffmpeg -i file.mkv file.mp4 Convert .mkv video file to .mpf video file.
ffmpeg -f gif -i human.gif human.mp4 Convert .gif to .mp4 [hntGr].
ffmpeg -i test.mp3 -codec:a libvorbis -qscale:a 8 test.ogg Convert .mp3 file to .ogg. [24139r]
ffmpeg -i file.webm -c:v copy file.mp4 Convert .webm to .mp4. [136541]

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A.84.a9 - Vim

vim ~/.vimrc Open the vimrc file for global changes. [573637]
:set number Set line numbers. [987819]
:w! Forced safe. [357597]
$ Jump to the end of the line and with 0 to the bginning. [188683]
:colorsheme slate Change the editor colour scheme. [244323]
:23,42d Delete lines between line 23 and line 42. [637303]

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