A.85.3 - Mozilla Firefox Article End

A.85.3.a1 - Mozilla Firefox

Right now I'm using the Mozilla Firefox browser [700400]. One of the worst browsers I have ever used. Unfortunately, it's also the best one you can get on the market. In this note, I will document all the things that bother me.

A.85.3.a2 - Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

I created some test data by watching a YouTube video and surfing the internet a bit. This data was 1.5 Mb in size. In the example, I want to delete the data manually, but it doesn't work. I press all the buttons correctly but the 1.5 Mb are not deleted. I close the Firefox browser, restart it and go back to the settings. Only part of the data has been deleted. 50kb are left. This happens every time. Sometimes it's 24Kb, 50kb or 64kb. So Mozilla Firefox's promise that all data will be deleted is not kept. How can I trust [944505] a browser if it doesn't do things that I mark with a little hook?

[700400] Firefox Browser 87.0 (64-bit) for Manjaro Linux archlinux - 1.0
[944505] Carissa VĂ©liz, 06.04.2021, "Why Democracy Needs Privacy",, Retrieved: Tue Apr 6 18:17:03 2021