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Do crows give names to con specifics? As far as I know crows are quite clever. They can solve three phase problems, recognize hostile faces even over generations and have complex social structures. Have friends (crows that are not family members) names and have crows have friendships, i.e. a deep connection to a con specific. What if when a raven has a bad day and meets his best raven friend to relax with her or something. No sex, just being together, like friends do. Another question I am asking myself is why we give our pet human names. Peter, Andy and Marie are human names, right? For example, why don't we call our cat miu or rrpurr? What is a name? Is a name simply a type designation or something much more profound that people try to express with their feelings?

Because I am very interested in crows I have been in contact with crows for the last two years [589956]. Whenever I saw a crow, I always had a little bit of food with me. Nuts, raisins or other natural food that you can find in nature. Preferably untreated and from organic farming. I always put these in the near of the crow, but I never got pushy. Lie down, wait two minutes until the crows have seen me and have also seen how I put the food there. Then slowly walk away and watch some from a safe distance (10-20 meters) for a few more minutes. Crows seem to remember faces of people. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a system to distinguish between the individual crows. But even after two years they are suspicious of me, maybe because I have too little contact with them.

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