Z.23 - Questions Article End

A.23.a34 - Your Streaming Microphone?

The TONOR Q9 USB Condenser Microphone 158.6.1

A.23.a33 - 720p?

Unfortunately, I can offer more right now. But I am working hard on a better solution, because 720p for a stream is really far too little.

A.23.a32 - Do you make Youtube videos?

No. Youtube is dead and a shadow of its former self. I won't put a minute of my important life into a service if copyright fuckery prevents me from making money. I'm not a cash cow for Alphabet either.

A.23.a31 - I was banned in your chat, can it be undone if I just apologise?

No. I don't allow apologies because then you don't learn from your mistake. You are in a chat for adults over the age of 18. I expect you to behave like that and if you don't like the way I educate my community, you are welcome to find another streamer.

A.23.a31 - I'm playing the same game as you and I found out something that could speed up your playing process. Can I tell you this trick? Or do you not allow spoilers?

No. I don't allow spoilers because I want to discover games myself. That's why you only got another strike for your very well posed question and were not banned immediately. I don't want to play through computer games quickly. I want to experience a story. When you say something, it's like giving away the ending in a film. That's stupid, uncouth and I don't allow it. But sometimes I make exceptions and I always decide that from person to person.

A.23.a30 - Do you do anything with computer science or something?


A.23.a29 - Are people allowed to follow you on Twitter?

Yes. But I don't use Twitter anymore and the only interaction is a TFTT bot.

A.23.a28 - Would you like to leave me a follow for my Channel?

No. I don't follow anyone with my streamer channel because I strictly separate work and private life. It is also unprofessional to ask another streamer something like that. You can do that in your community if you really want to, but I don't recommend it. Fans come by themselves if you produce good streams. If you don't have any followers, your streams are just shit or you're just too unknown. I will create a second account in the future, with which I can follow all the great streamers I like. But I won't publish the identity here. If you asked this question in my chat, you already got the first strike which I save in the back of my mind.

A.23.a27 - How are you enjoyoing streaming so far?

So far quite good, but I am also not known and therefore have not experienced the negative sides of a streamer career. But since I have been watching other streamers for ten years, I know that there are these negative sides. But I am an optimistic person and think that every job has its ups and downs. Maybe in five years I'll write another article about it that sounds much more bitter.

A.23.a26 - How long have you been into streaming?

I've been on Twitch for a while and have been streaming for a while, but never seriously followed it. I've been streaming professionally since the beginning of 2021.

A.23.a25 - What Games are you into?

I am a casual gamer and prefer to play role-playing games with a deep story. But sometimes I also like to grind in idle games or waste my time in complex strategy games. I even find hidden object games interesting. I rarely play first person shooters because they are too fast for me. I'm more comfortable on the road and like to discover things for myself. I also like open world and survival games. Sports, car, fighting or horror games are less on my list. But sometimes I make very rare exceptions. RG

A.23.a24 - Why is there currently no Music on your Twitch Channel?

Since I have just started streaming, I still have a lot of reading and learning to do. Since I don't own any rights to music yet, I can't play any music. I also don't want to violate the copyright rights of owners. Therefore, there is no music so far. Of course, I will continue to inform myself and look for other solutions, because a stream without music is not so nice either. I haven't quite figured out yet how it is with ingame music. If it it's not allowed, I would have to stream another game.

A.23.a23 - Command List for yout Twitch Channel?


A.23.a22 - Do you give interviews?


A.23.a21 - Have you ever considered moving your website to Github Pages? Because then other people could also work on your project.

I've been on Github (Gitlab) Pages before and I didn't like it. I don't like having to park my data on someone else's server anyway, but unfortunately I don't have the time to take care of it myself. Also, although I like open source projects, I have a problem with too many people being allowed to contribute to a project. I don't want that. This is my Zettelkasten and I don't share it. Feel free to copy and modify the information and distribute or develop it further. Feel free to send me critical comments, ideas or links. But this is not a fancy community, with a code of conduct, IRC, rules and democratic voting. If you want to work on something, please choose one of the countless open source projects on Github.

A.23.a20 - Is your home page generated with a script?

Yes. S.30

A.23.a19 - Are you a hacker?

No. And I don't like the term and don't want to be called that and I don't like the hacker logo.

A.23.a18 - I found you on Steam and sent a friend request, but you ignored it. Why?


A.23.a17 - You linked something I can't read, is there no other source?

To the best of my knowledge, I try to trace the information back to the source. If you have problems with the French or German language, for example, you can use a web translation tool.

A.23.a16 - Why doesn't your Zettelkasten have a search function?

Because storing the information on a web server is only a stopgap solution for me. I would prefer users to save my content to their own computers and browse it locally. You can download this website with wget and use grep to browse the content.

A.23.a15 - Can you program the software X for me?

No. I only program sporadically in my spare time. I hate programming and I would rather work with tomatoes or flowers.

A.23.a14 - Statistics

A.23.a13 - A few days ago an article was completely different and was changed without an UPDATE MARKING. Why?

A Zettelkasten is a living and constantly changing project. It is not an archive. If you want something static, please use an archiving service, which can easily be FOUND ONLINE.

A.23.a12 - Can you include RSS?

Unfortunately, No. Even though I love RSS and find it super cool, it would take too much work and time for a hand-made website. But I'll keep the question in mind and maybe I'll find an interesting solution someday.

A.23.a11 - I don't like your website without CSS!

That is not a question.

A.23.a10 - Is your CSS broken?

No, because I deleted it. The test with the all pages CSS was interesting, but I didn't like it. Without CSS, the pages are more hacker-friendly. A.85.4

A.23.a9 - If I can't send you email or comments, how can I contact you?

If your message is important enough, it will reach me.

A.23.a8 - Why can't I click on your links in the source list/reference list?

Please read the "Sources" A.76.12#a7612a10 Zettel.

A.23.a7 - We are a book publisher and would like to send you a book for a review. Where can we find your postal address?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get my postal address at the moment.

A.23.a6 - Is it possible to send comments or a e-mail?


A.23.a5 - Will you give us a review for your Amazon Marktplace order?

If I am to write about a product, I do so only under certain conditions. I review a product only if a.) I get paid for it b.) or I get the product for free c.) or I like the product d.) or it fits into my portfolio on my website. I do not write for other portals, online stores or blogs.

A.23.a4 - I asked you a question, but so far you haven't answered. Why?

Please read the article "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" by "Eric Steven Raymond".

A.23.a3 - Ok! But if I pay you, you'll write me a review for my mobile game, right?


A.23.a2 - Are you writing a review for my mobile game?


A.23.a1 - Can it be that some articles are incomplete?

People are always looking for "truth" or "completeness" and knowledge plays a central role in this. A Zettelkasten collects knowledge and sorts it. These articles are never finished, because knowledge and the associated information science has no goal, no direction and no end. Only human life is finite, because all information exists not only in the history of humanity, but also later after our human finitude. A Zettelkasten is not static, like a blog or archive. A Zettelkasten is the flow of information, temporary truths, reflections, opinions, views, and thoughts. Yes, every article is incomplete even if some are less or more close to temporary completeness. As long as I live, I will work on this Zettelkasten and strive for a completeness that will never be possible in reality. It is like the myth of Sisyphus, whose punishment in the underworld was to roll a rock up a hill. Again and again, when he was near the end of his task, the rock would roll back down the hill and Sisyphus had to start work all over again (Homer: Odyssey 11th canto, 593-600). My punishment for the arrogance of my own intelligence is that I have to strive for the purest episteme until the end of my life, with the background that I will never reach it. This hopelessness is reflected in the incompleteness of my articles.